Map: Sandy Beach

Sandy Beach

Natural Resources


  1. Yeah right. This map is open with 25 squares, wich YOU WILL NOT HAVE, at the start of the gmae ( not even if you play the game with NO LIMET opportunity ) you have ONLY 9 squares, At your disposal, so this dosen help much.
    Also, this is ONLY the map, wich dosen HELP MUCH. If I want to build a town, and have a "beach town", close to the sand ( beach ) this dosen help me understand ore know, what to do ore not to do... I give this 1 point out of 6 possible, as not only dos you not have the opportunity to open this many squares, and this dosen explain or give advice to HOW TO BUILD A SANDY BEACH TOWN... Wich is what I was looking for. This is useless.......

    1. If you'd like to play on this map with all the spaces unlocked, but still start out with the typical amount of cash, you can download this:

  2. Bent Hansen, you're looking for something specific. This is near your idea but then again it isn't. This doesn't give you step by step instructions-it was never intended to. This is for planning out your city and seeing where YOU would want to go. The author knows you can only have 9 tiles. He's given you and me plenty of information on which map I'd like to use and where I'd want to be creative and make my own city.

    Thank you for the post, author.

  3. I kinda looks like San Francisco