Free Flowing Traffic Tips

by Jamie Ramsey of the Skylines Nation Guild

How to avoid traffic lights and reduce stops on major roads:
These are the principals used in my Free Flow Grids
1. Highway to 6-lane or 4 lane junctions doesn't create traffic lights.
2. Highway to Highway do not create traffic lights.
3. A 2-lane to Highway does not create traffic lights, but 2-lane to 6-lane or 4-lane creates traffic lights.
4. A off ramp to 6-lane will create traffic lights.
5. 6-lane to 6-lane junctions create traffic lights.
6. A off ramp to a 4-lane or 2-lane road also doesn't create traffic lights
7. Roundabouts using Highways at any major intersection can create a free flow intersection/junction without stop lights.
8. Traffic should be divided in tiers as follows: 
  • Tier One: 2-way roads or walking paths 
  • Tier Two: 4-way and 6-way roads, 
  • Tier 3: Highways.
9. The goal in number eight is to confine zoning to the 2-way roads and channel traffic to the 4-way and 6-way roads and from there to the Highways.
10. Where the tiers meet Highways, roundabouts will ensure traffic flows smoothly.
11. Placing walking paths along major roads is a good way to prevent zoning where you don't want it without using a mod.
12. Finally, don't worry about space, especially if you use a mod that provides access to all 25 squares. A million people can fit in HALF that area so feel free to spread things out!

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  1. Thx for this summary! It helped me figure out how to fix some of my traffic problems.. :)