Custom Maps: Northern Asteria by Vii

If you're looking for an interesting fantasy map, take a look at Northern Asteria by Vii. Lots of waterfalls, interesting cliffs, yet still some buildable area makes this one a stand out. Note that there is both a Northern and Southern Asteria. The only difference is the starting point.

Northern Asteria by Vii
The starting plot of the Northern map is centered on the northern coastline. I thought this was a difficult starting point due to the water and sewer needing to be fairly close.
Natural Resources
The main valley is flanked by waterfalls both big and small
Looking up the northern valley

Same valley, looking at the far end

Looking down at the other beach. I like how there's buildable area throughout

I like how the train hangs along the central valley's cliffs then breaks through to the upper lake
The southern beach is the starting point of Southern Asteria.
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