Miscellaneous Tips

by Jamie Ramsey of the Skylines Nation Guild

Rotation Tips

Do you use a single right click to rotate a building or intersection? Do you ever think why can I only rotate something 45 degrees at a time? Want more freedom of rotation?
  1. Turn off grid snap (You must turn it off from the road section before switching to intersections for example.)
  2. Click and Hold the right mouse button
  3. Drag the object left or right to rotate
  4. You can release right click to check rotation as the object will stay attached to the cursor and the last angle.
  5. Simply left click to place the newly rotated object when you are done
Highway Connection Tips

Connections between highways roads and ramps need to be smooth. If you have too much of an angle in your ramps, cars will have to stop and make a hard turn. It slows traffic down considerably! Smooth curves are best!

Hidden Benefit of the Asset Manager

The Asset Editor is great not only because the interface is simple, requires no coding or modding skill, and because you can check the stats on buildings, which can help with building efficiently.

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