Maps with All Areas Unlocked

One of my pet peeves with Cities:Skylines is that you don't have access to the entire map from the beginning. I often find myself building something temporarily to get started, only to demolish it later. I can't place my sewer outlet where i want it, and can't place the water pump where I want it either. Yet, I don't want to play in sandbox mode because I enjoy having to build up my income as I go.

To combat this situation, I created a set of saved-games where the entire map is already unlocked. I had to use mods to create these saved-games so the service buildings are all unlocked too, but I made it so you start with the standard $70,000 (give or take $100).

I made one for each of the out-of-the-box maps. Because they're saved-games, you have to load them instead of starting with a new game, even though they're completely empty ready to be built upon.

You can subscribe to the collection on Steam by clicking here.

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