Steam Workshop Navigation Tips

Navigating the Steam Workshop
by Jamie Ramsey of the Skylines Nation Guild

This game is designed for modding. So much so that on day one there was already thousands of mods to choose from.  Anyone that is capable of playing the game is also capable of creating new content. This leads to a absolute flood of material, much of it repeats. However, the flood is easy to manage.
1. Remember mods, assets, maps, and saves are different items.
  • Mods actually make a change in the game like adding new UI elements
  • Assets are building or road items built in the Asset Editor using primarily stock items
  • Maps are custom maps made in the Map Editor
2. Once you know what you are looking for, choose the right category.
3. You can filter mods based on tags, but most authors haven't added them. So it is better to search via keywords.
4. There are many players that do the filtering and sorting of mods for you like Skylines Nation Guild member Andy Go who create customized lists of favorites.
5. For those categories that are just too huge. Use the Recent, Popular, and Top Rated filters to show only what you want to see.
7. There is a sub-group of the Skylines Nation Guild that is just about mods, so requests can be made in either group. The sub-group is just lower traffic to make things easier to find.

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